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As a crime prevention organization, NASP provides programs and technical support for retail theft with its primary focus on petty theft or non-professional consumer shoplifting - a crime generally defined as stealing merchandise from a retail store with the intent to deprive the owner of that property.

While the dollar amounts which define petty theft vary from state to state, stealing from a retail store is always shoplifting and is always a crime which steals from all of us.

NASP's programs, services and technical assistance for the prevention of shoplifting and retail theft are available to law enforcement, criminal and juvenile justice and local communities as well as retail loss prevention practioners - from national chains to small independent stores without dedicated loss prevention resources. NASP also provides shoplifting programs, shoplifter services and offender solutions directly to the parents of juveniles caught shoplifting and the offenders and people (consumer shoplifters) caught up in a shoplifting problem who want help to stop shoplifting.

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