The Honest to Goodness Project is a set of youth shoplifting prevention and character building programs designed to reduce the number of kids who become involved in shoplifting and increase the number of kids who become honest adults, honest consumers and honest employees in our future workforce.

The Honest to Goodness Project focuses on the issue of shoplifting (statistically relevant to 1 in 3 youth) and establishes it as an example of how maintaining the most basic standards of honesty leads to future goodness. Its purpose is to strengthen kids’ core ethical values, increase their appreciation of the law and teach kids that choices made in an instant can have consequences that last a lifetime. The program gives kids the knowledge and tools to resist peer pressure to shoplift and empowers them to take action to stop their peers as well.

NASP continues to develop and deliver the tools and resources needed for schools and community youth organizations throughout the United States to implement the Honest to Goodness Project for all school-age youth in their community.

Our goal is to construct a nationwide network of local speakers (consisting of retail loss prevention personnel, probation officers, judges, local police and others) to present the assembly programs.

  • Multi-media shoplifting prevention and character-building programs for schools and community youth organizations.
  • Web resources for parents and kids who are interested in shoplifting prevention or are currently dealing with a shoplifting issue at home.
  • Education programs which parents can provide for their kids who were apprehended for shoplifting
  • Web-based shoplifting prevention interactive games for kids
  • “Sound-Off” - kids sharing feelings and experiences in a constructive forum

Message to Parents:

If your child has been caught shoplifting or you believe they are shoplifting and feel your child needs help now, click here to learn more and enroll your child in the YES Educational Program.

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