Progressive Shoplifting Prevention Requires

Focusing on the Future Today

The estimated 27 million shoplifting offenders, and the frequency, magnitude and cost of their repeat offenses, are a daily drain on retail resources, but the societal response to misdemeanor shoplifting are inconsistent and often inadequate; thus shoplifting continues to thrive and its escalation is putting store associates, customers, and communities at risk.

Criminal justice reform, while necessary on many levels, is destined to have a disproportionate impact on retail. Rising felony thresholds are expanding what constitutes misdemeanor theft and a large majority of misdemeanor theft comes in the form of shoplifting – hence the disproportionate impact.

As an industry, getting ahead of the shoplifting problem and finding ways to be more creative in the approach to shoplifting is going to be key to mitigating its future impact on shrink and safety.

Based on the sheer volume of people who shoplift in retail stores and retailers’ presence in virtually every community in the U.S., retail AP/LP has the ability to make a significant and universal impact on shoplifting by identifying offenders and assisting criminal justice partners in reducing offender recidivism for the benefit of retailers and communities alike.

Progressive Shoplifting Prevention Requires:

  • A shift in focus to long-term education and awareness solutions rather than continuing to invest solely in physical prevention and apprehension.
  • An investment in reducing recidivism to break the cycle and cure the shoplifting problem rather than continually spending money to repeatedly treat its symptoms.
  • Examination of the corporate and social responsibility retailers may have to do more.

Has Your Company:

Ever been called to task for using more than your “fair share” of police resources?

Ever been threatened with the “public nuisance” label?

Ever been told to hire off-duty officers to provide security, or else?

Is Your Company:

Frustrated by the community’s slap-on-the-wrist approach to shoplifting?

The NASP Advantage: NASP has nearly 30 years of experience navigating criminal justice & local communities to design and deliver evidence-based, community-specific shoplifting and retail theft solutions.

NASP’s team of experts work one-on-one with local retail LP teams in the most challenging communities to address complaints lodged against your store as well as community pain points experienced by the LP team.

As a retail advocate and community liaison, NASP has the expertise to facilitate responses to government relations issues and community complaints especially surrounding the overuse of police resources.

As a respected non-profit provider of shoplifting prevention programs & services for criminal justice, NASP can artfully challenge the status quo to update community policies in a way that retailers cannot.

As a trusted partner to the criminal justice community, NASP can foster and manage the adoption of cooperative programs in local communities that are cost-effective, sustainable, and evidence-based to support your goals.

NASP Services

Public and government advocate for retailers as the victim of retail theft

Identify program options to unite retailer and community in addressing retail theft

Assess the traditional shoplifting incident response protocol and policies in the community

  • Identify gaps and vulnerabilities

  • Ensure community policies are aligned with retailers’ interests

  • Determine adequacy of existing programs to reduce recidivism

  • Conduct impact assessment of civil demand and trespass orders on community protocols

Construct and execute custom community-based initiatives based on assessment findings

  • Map and deploy education and training for end users and business leaders

  • Supply Community Coordinators to ensure stakeholder engagement and program impact

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