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NASP in the News

NASP Continues the Expansion of its Advisory Committee
June 3, 2019, NASP Press Release

Legacy and Law Enforcement Leaders to Join NASP Advisory Committee
March 29, 2019, NASP Press Release

NASP Announces a Second Expansion of its Advisory Committee
February 20, 2019, NASP Press Release

NASP Announces Advisory Committee Expansion
January 14, 2019, NASP Press Release

Perspectives for the Field

Why Retailers Must Invest in Their Communities to Stop Shoplifting
By Jack Trlica

When it Comes to Misdemeanor Shoplifting, Criminal Justice Has Left the Building

Today’s Need for Retailers to Engage with NASP to Prevent Shoplifting
By Loss Prevention Media

Can Retailers Be Better Victims?

Shoplifting: A Gateway Crime?
By Loss Prevention Media

Will Retailers Push Past Frustration to Jump-Start the Future of Shoplifting Prevention?
By Garett Seivold

The Cost of Repeat Offenses by Consumer Shoplifters

Retail’s Opportunity to Help Reduce Recidivism
By Loss Prevention Media

Juvenile Shoplifter Accountability: Making the Most of Juvenile Apprehensions
The Hayes Report – Jack L. Hayes International

Advances and Applications: NASP Helps Police Departments Nationwide in Their Shoplifting Prevention Efforts
Police Chief Magazine


Prevalence and Correlates of Shoplifting in the United States
American Journal of Psychiatry Results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions

How To Scrutinize Benchmarking Results and Apply Them To Your Loss Prevention Operations
Integrated Solutions for Retailers – LP/Security Supplement