If you want to receive an immediate understanding about why you shoplift, discuss your upcoming court case or wish to discuss a personal issue that is troubling you which may be related to your shoplifting behavior, you can speak confidentially to an experienced, private Personal Coach from our national non-profit organization.

Your Personal Coach will listen to your story, ask questions, answer your questions, offer explanations and recommend a focus for you which can change your perspective, speed up your recovery and help resolve the shoplifting issue for you.

Your Personal Coach will also provide recommendations for your court case (if you have a charge pending) and a full assessment of your shoplifting issue with specific recommendations about how to resolve it… forever.

At the end of the session, upon your request, your Coach will prepare a written report for you, your attorney or the court which truthfully explains your actions.

If you are a parent or spouse, sibling, other family member or even just a friend of someone who shoplifts and would like to learn more about how you can help your loved one, you too may schedule a confidential session with a Personal Coach.

Click here to enroll in a telephone coaching session.


The cost for a 30-minute session is $85 – including the written report.

The cost for a 60-minute session is $125 – including the written report.

To help you and your Coach learn more about you, it is required that you complete NASP’s FREE Self-Assessment BEFORE your Coaching session. Click here to access the Self-Assessment.

Call the office at 1-800-848-9595 to schedule a session.

Cancellation Policy

  • Sessions postponed or canceled more than 48 hours in advance – No Fee
  • Sessions postponed or canceled less than 48 hours in advance – $30 Fee
  • Sessions not postponed or canceled but missed – Full Fee