A Retail Industry Collaboration

NSPC harnesses the power of a collective retail voice to create permanent change in the way the nation regards, prevents and responds to shoplifting and thus positively impact shrink and store safety. In these most trying times, when we go back and forth between the need for law and order and the need for social and criminal justice reforms, NSPC members are taking action, creating change and standing up for both law and order and social and criminal justice reforms.

Core to NSPC is Leveraging Proven Education to:

  • Shift from sole reliance on criminal justice to education-based interventions proven to reduce recidivism
  • Enhance current investments in deterrence and physical prevention
  • Reduce the total number of people who shoplift rather than continuing to pass offenders from brand to brand
  • Boost corporate & social responsibility efforts

NSPC is a project of the NASP Retail Advisory Committee and operates under the stewardship of NASP.

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The Challenge

The Retail Industry is Facing a Confluence of Issues:

  • Rising felony thresholds
  • Law enforcement & prosecutors refusing to accept theft cases
  • Criminal justice reforms creating barriers to offender accountability

Retailers can no longer rely solely on traditional roles and criminal justice resources to reduce shoplifter recidivism

Leveraging Education

Retailers can make an immediate impact on both social and criminal justice by making education a pillar of their shoplifting prevention strategy as well as their corporate social responsibility plan

Proven Impact

Shoplifting recidivism can be reduced to <3% with proven effective education vs. 30-40% without.


1,000 Offenders


>14,000 Repeat