You might ask: “Why would I take a program?” or “How could any kind of program help me to stop shoplifting in the future?”

To answer these questions, let us ask you a question:

Why Did You Steal?

For the vast majority of people, their answer is, “I don’t really know”. Maybe it was because you want nice things, didn’t want to spend the money, felt depressed, frustrated, confused, angry or bored. Maybe you just wanted to see if you could get away with it, or you were mad at the world and wanted to strike back.

Whatever the reason for you, over our long history, we have come to understand that your act of shoplifting is largely a symptom and a signal to you that there are underlying issues in your life which are causing you to feel excessive stress, fear or emotional pain. The need to relieve your discomfort creates an impulse to act in this way.

After impulsively taking your first item and “getting away with it”, you likely found some temporary satisfaction or relief from your internal personal stress, even though you may also have felt ashamed and afraid.

The SA Course will help bring you a new understanding about shoplifting, explain how you impulsively make these kinds of decisions and highlight the true impact they have on your daily life, so you can immediately learn how to make better decisions for yourself. It will help to change the thinking, feelings, and attitudes you now hold which have allowed you to shoplift in the past. It will reduce your risk of shoplifting and getting arrested in the future.

Enrolling in the SA Course

Your enrollment in the SA Course is strictly confidential and the program is easy to complete in the privacy of your own home.

Upon your successful completion of the program, NASP will send you a Completion Letter with recommendations and an offer of added support for any time you may feel you need it.

Because we receive no government funding, there is a cost of $75 for the SA Course. However, if money is an issue for you right now, don’t simply give up … because the program is important for you. Instead, call us (toll-free) at 1-800-848-9595 (between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Eastern Time) and we will try to help you.

While you may understandably be reluctant to spend the money on yourself, remember that you are worth it and that the cost of a program for you is going to be less expensive than doing nothing … or trying to do it totally on your own.

If you have a charge pending with the court, your completion of the SA Course will demonstrate to the judge that you have taken responsibility for your actions by taking an education program, to help ensure that you never have another incident in the future. This can only help your case.

All program material sent to you will not be identified as coming from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, but rather from NASP. All credit/debit card payments will appear on your statement as NASP.