NASP’s Evidence-Based Programs Continue to Set the Standard for
Offense-Specific Shoplifter Education Programs With the
Lowest Reported Recidivism Rates – Averaging 2.9% Nationwide

A King County, WA Study Finds:

“…the approach and content within the Y.E.S. Program is highly effective in preventing future shoplifting offenses as well as other types of crimes committed by juveniles.”

King County Superior Court
Partnership for Youth Justice

Court-Documented Studies

4-year Recidivism Study
King County, WA
1,040 Juveniles
5.3% Recidivism Rate

2-year Recidivism Study
Miami-Dade County, FL
250 Juveniles
2.4% Recidivism Rate

3-year Recidivism Study
Broward County, FL
824 Adults
2.1% Recidivism Rate

7-year Recidivism Study
Lucas County, OH
495 Adults
3% Recidivism Rate

2 ½ year Recidivism Study
Ingham County, MI
314 Adults
1.6% Recidivism Rate

3-year Recidivism Study
Bergen County, NJ
452 Juveniles
1.5% Recidivism Rate

3-year Recidivism Study
Marion County, FL
1,242 Adults
2.5% Recidivism Rate

6 ½ Year Study
Marion County, FL
1,171 Adults
5% Recidivism Rate