If you were caught shoplifting and have a charge or court case pending, NASP can help you understand the court process and help you find legal support. We will also suggest things you can do to help show the court you are not a “career criminal” so that the court may give you greater consideration.

Right now, you have both personal issues to deal with and an upcoming court case to address.

FIRST, is your personal issue which relates to your shoplifting and its impact on your life. This includes understanding why you shoplifted and how you can address and resolve the issues or attitudes which led you to shoplift. To help you prevent the possibility of a future incident, NASP recommends that you participate in either of the programs below.  Your participation will help put you on a solid path to recovery.

SECOND, is your upcoming court case which is likely causing you fear, anxiety and worry because of the potential consequences related to court penalties, a criminal record and your future. If you are a repeat offender, your problem and potential court consequences are greater and the course of action recommended by NASP is clearly important for you.

If you are a person who now truly wants to stop shoplifting, then you must give your lawyer, the prosecutor and the judge a reason to believe you … because everyone says they will never do it again. Demonstrate that you are taking specific actions to ensure that you will never shoplift again.

How To Get Started

Register and Complete an Online Shoplifting Program from NASP called the “Shoplifters Alternative Course”. Your successful completion of this “offense-specific”, nationally recognized program will help you personally as well as show the court that you have made an effort to learn from your mistakes. The cost of this online program is only $ 75, and includes a Completion Letter which you can present to the court. Click here to register for the SA Course. 

 Schedule a Telephone Coaching Session by clicking here or you can call 1-800-848-9595 during normal business hours to schedule a session. The cost of a 60 -90 minute coaching session is only $ 85 and includes an analysis of your Self-Assessment and a follow-up written report.

 Before your Telephone Coaching session, you will be asked to complete the free Self-Assessment.  This is a comprehensive questionnaire which will help you understand factors in your life that may have contributed to your shoplifting. This type of information may be useful to your attorney for your defense in court. Click here to access and complete the free Self-Assessment.

Your successful completion of the Shoplifting Program and/or the Self-Assessment and Coaching Session will demonstrate to the court that you have taken concrete actions to ensure that you will never shoplift again.

NASP believes that all of these actions will help you prevent a future incident. We recognize that these actions may encourage the court to give you the benefit of the doubt related to your case. However, NASP is not making these recommendations to you for the purpose or intention of reducing your sentence. Rather, NASP believes that most people who are willing to take responsibility for their actions and take steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, deserve a chance for a better future.

Give yourself every chance to put shoplifting behind you … forever!

The choice is yours.