Be proud of yourself. You have shown courage in acknowledging that you may have a problem and are willing to seek outside help to deal with it.

Upon your request, NASP will provide you with a referral (free of charge) to a local therapist in your area. However, before doing that it is important that NASP is assured that you have a basic understanding of your problem and that you sincerely wish to get help.*

Therefore, before giving you a referral, NASP requires that you first complete one of the following:

Education Program for Adults

Education Programs for Juveniles

Telephone Coaching

Once you have completed your requirement, you can request a referral by calling the NASP Helpline at 1-800-848-9595 or by sending an email to

NASP will quickly verify your completion of the requirement and provide you with a referral, at no charge.

If, for any reason, you are not completely pleased with the therapist selected, please let us know and we will refer another person to you who is qualified to address the issues commonly contributing to a shoplifting problem.

*Disclaimer – NASP will research therapists in your local area and will do our best to determine their qualification in treating people with a shoplifting issue.  Please note that these therapists are not affiliated with NASP in any way.