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If you are dealing with a shoplifting issue or are seeking to understand why you shoplifted and are looking for confidential help and support to overcome the problem, you’ve come to the right place.


“For 45 years, I work hard, provided for my family and raised my children with good values. Then I retired. Suddenly, my life lacked purpose. The man I was just didn’t exist anymore. Why does filling my pockets with items from the food store fill the empty space? It’s wrong and goes against everything I believe in but the pull to do it is so strong. If my wife were alive, she’d be so ashamed of me”


“Why do I do this to myself? I have a wonderful baby, a loving husband, a good job and yet I shoplift almost every day. I was just caught shoplifting during my lunch hour. I’m facing my third charge and I’m terrified the judge is going to throw the book at me this time. My husband is going to leave me if I don’t stop. I am ruining my marriage, my family and my life. I hate what I am doing to myself. Why can’t I stop?”

This safe section of the NASP website will help you to evaluate the seriousness of your shoplifting issue and the potential for another incident in the future, and will inform you of what kind of support is available.

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Confidentiality Notice

The Self-Help & Support Center is a place for people to come for confidential and safe help. NASP is committed to keeping all personal information secure. Participation in any of the NASP self-help programs and support services is held STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Any programs you request be sent to your address will not be identified as coming from the National Association For Shoplifting Prevention, but rather from the non-descript word “NASP”.  No information will be released about your participation in any NASP program without your permission, except to a court jurisdiction which ordered you to complete a NASP program. NASP is committed to protecting your identity and information. If you have any questions about our commitment to your confidentiality or any NASP practices, please call us toll-free at 800-848-9595.